The survival of retail businesses nowadays largely depend on teamwork and collaboration. How else does Walmart, Amazon etc. manage their daily operations and multiple retail stores running with the same standards?

The transformative culture in Retail Sector

One of the major drivers of collaboration in current retail environment is the customer itself. This means satisfying the demand of the customers in a speedy yet cost-effective way. With the emergence of online retail marketplaces the customers want not only speedy delivery but real-time information about product shipping and tracking. The challenges in retail industry are ever-growing and it all boils down to the lack of technology as the major cause of it.

Collaboration In Retail Stores

Empower Employees & Managers with Optimized Communication

  • Workspee expands internal communication via private channels, simplifies daily routine activities and streamline operations.
  • Enhance visibility across outlets, better team collaboration and fast interaction with each other through Workspee chat, live streaming, video conferences etc.
  • Accelerate staff motivation to better focus on your customers by offering corporate perks, rewards and discounts.
  • Develop an honest feedback culture to encourage two-way response and engagement from retail workers. Polls, discussions and group messages in Workspee builds a positive team value.
  • Facilitate information sharing about the changing consumer behavior and policies from top management to shop-floor assistants.
  • Easy access to knowledge center, forums and public channels will improve decision making and productivity
  • Videoconferencing allows retail teams and partners to meet on any device, in small groups or large gatherings.
Online Marketplaces & Smart Technology

Make Retail Teams more Agile, Responsive & Collaborative

  • Hold remote team meetings and training sessions via video conferencing features and unite all managers and employees stationed at diverse locations.
  • Different collaboration tools like workplace newsfeed, groups, polling etc. enables remote store management that greatly reduces costs and time spent on unproductive activities.
  • Online businesses can stay connected at all times of the day through a channel-based communication, audio calls, video broadcasting and notification alerts.
  • Develop an inclusive social platform in brick and click business models by ensuring that every staff member is engaged through surveys, newsfeed commenting and company announcements.
  • Reward top performing employees with a company-wide recognition feed to boost their motivation.
  • Workspee is an all-in-one collaboration solution that retailers and ecommerce businesses can plug into for greater team efficiency.