Tech industry

Many tech businesses are trying to improve team collaboration by adopting multiple standalone apps like SharePoint, hangouts etc. but Workspee stands out as the best solution.

Collaboration in Tech industry

A recent research shows that about 86% of business owners and staff attribute workplace problems to inadequate communication tools, which according to McKinsey, if rectified can increase productivity by 20 to 30%. While popular tools like Slack or Dropbox may tackle one or two of the above challenges, Workspee offers the only collaboration tool designed to tackle all of the challenges i.e. communication to team coordination and employee motivation.

Collaboration with in Tech Teams

Create a separate team collaboration space

  • Share all information related to the team’s activities, projects and interactive conversations in groups and channels.
  • Streamline communication and finding common language among team members through workspee chat, one-to-one messaging, audio calling and video conferencing solutions.
  • Increase integration and collaboration within the development team by scheduling important events and tasks, file-sharing, discussion forums, and Q&A sessions.
  • Recognize and celebrate best programmers to create a healthy competition among teams which increases employee motivation and performance.
  • Reward development team for achieving preset goals such as resolving a software bug, troubleshooting etc. Workspee offers non-monetary benefits and countless perks to boost team morale.
  • Improve real-time response and touch base with colleagues for a daily/weekly catch ups meetings or informal chats and newsfeed.
Cross-Team Collaboration

Develop interconnectivity between all departments

  • Make informed decisions with centralized collaborative working
  • Increase communication channels, knowledge sharing, and engagement from everyone within the organization through opinion polling, newsfeed commenting and forums.
  • Eliminate collaboration barriers among departments and appreciate the best teams through recognition posts.
  • Store all the information and company-wide data in organized form in the Knowledge Center so everyone can view or download.
  • Live stream events and alert updates to keep everyone notified and on the same page.
  • Bring a flexible and collaborative culture across all the in-house and remote teams with video chats, private channels and group sharing.
  • It’s time to unite teams and “Get work done” faster with Workspee.