A complete collaborative platform for healthcare professionals for reliable and speedy communication. Experience a flawless communication network across the entire medical community with Workspee. Effective communication within a healthcare setting is critically important to ensure patient safety and well-being as the lack of it can cause in-hospital deaths.

For Healthcare Professionals

Secure Messaging & Information sharing on the go

  • Secure instant messaging will help modernize communication amidst medical staff without compromising on security or control.
  • Chat privately or in group channels, share files and images, patient data and confidential records between health care professionals from anywhere.

Stay Updated with Personalized feed

  • Stay informed and check on colleague activities by logging onto personalized news feed.
  • React, share and comment on any post shared by your friends or senior doctors.
  • One-to-one messaging allows doctors to coordinate their shift hours with off-duty staff to ensure good workflow with no confusions.

Collaborate better with Colleagues

  • All hospital staff are connected with fewer devices and one app
  • Both private and group calls means faster response time and improved results.
  • Knowledge center, polling, separate medical pages and setting important events ensures smooth communication between clinicians, nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals.
For Healthcare Organizations

Keep everyone on the same page

  • Flag important updates with push notifications, broadcast alerts and constant event reminders.
  • Post a status for the latest news in the news feed to keep every employee in the loop.

Communicate and recognize your staff from anywhere

  • Send a group message or create a channel for critical information for real-time collaboration of medical staff
  • Acknowledgement feature will allow organizations to recognize best performing doctors for motivation and better productivity

Better patient outcomes

  • A centralized and well-synced communication makes employees informed to provide better care.
  • Set up fundraising internally for critical patients and send requests to every employee for donations.