Begin a smooth transition to collaborative work with teams engaged from anywhere and anytime.


Develop strong teams and ensure optimal internal communication using Workspee’s seamless 360° communication channels.

One to one messaging and chat with a team member can be responsive and problem-solving. The Chat feature eliminates all ambiguities and paves the way for smooth communication and higher efficiency levels.

Audio and Video Calling allows easy accessibility to any team member within your company, thereby facilitating timely communication and quick decisions.

Start streaming live via a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer to inform about latest news and products offerings. Go Live to keep your staff engaged and productive!

A single platform to gain all the company-related information about news, articles and policies. The gist of workspee knowledge center is to eliminate possible confusions and ensure accurate information for everyone.

Mention the person you are referring to in a group chat or tag them to draw attention. Ask follow-up questions or opinions without any confusion of who’s talking to whom.

Increase engagements and brighten up your conversations with emoji, gifs and stickers. Get more lively reactions to messages now.

Have rich single-threaded communication in groups or emails without breaking the focus of main agenda. Continue your chat from where it ended to avoid conversation loopholes.


Workspee Perks is a unique feature that encourages team-building, and makes your employees feel valued and appreciated. Avail corporate perks such as discount vouchers on holiday packages, freebies and much more.

It’s time to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate outstanding work of your teams or employees. Recognize all the competent performers in your company and send them a congratulatory message or praiseworthy remarks for everyone to view.


Admin panel allows you to control your user profile, personal notifications, settings and general user management details.



A powerful reporting tool to monitor and analyze data concerning your business profile and its performance.


Manage users

Manage users, activities and settings from a single platform and gain valuable insight that is specific to your needs.



Change user and admin settings as you want.


Take complete control & engage teams by exploring additional features.