Workspee ensures all the students and teachers are on the same page, with education practices focused on a team-oriented culture. It promotes a healthier environment to communicate, learn, socialize and resolve problem scenarios.

Education-Industry Collaboration

With an increasing trend towards online learning and online schooling, introducing a collaborative approach provides a centralized learning platform and academic social network to make studying and communicating more efficient. Workspee connects students’ circle, instructor’s community and student-teachers in a way that overcomes the communication and social challenge, thereby enabling a smooth learning experience.

Workspee is All-in-One Solution


For Student-to-Student Collaboration

Real-time Communication and Better Social Connection

  • Workspee chat, messaging, audio and video calling allows team discussions and student social interactions from anywhere. Workspee accelerates prompt communication within a virtual space that would otherwise cause hindrance and delays in delivering assignments or projects. These unique features will further enhance emotional-social skills among students making them feel empowered and teamlike.

Stay Updated on Personalized Feed and Group Activities

  • Stay connected to your social circle of friends and peers by logging onto the newsfeed, knowledge center and events to keep a tab on your friend’s latest activities. Students can make a separate channel for a particular assignment or knowledge-sharing of learning material, documents, valuable insights etc.

Instant Feedback and Discussion Forums

  • Set up polls for any opinion-taking situation amongst students to guarantee instant response and feedback. Polling can be used among students to resolve any potential conflict on coursework. Forum allows students to engage in a rich discussion on any given topic or assignment boosting their confidence, exposure, critical thinking skills.
For Student-Teacher Collaboration

Recognize top students to motivate and improve performance

  • The best way to acknowledge students is by complimenting them on good work publicly so everyone feels driven to achieve the same. Posting a recognition status for your top student is visible to the entire online learning community. Such transparency in the student-teacher relation feels personable and motivates you to work harder.

Complete Internal Communication & Collaboration learning activities

  • Workspee is a multi-faceted solution that ensures active learning where educators can structure engaging audio & video content ( visual presentation, sliders, audio notes etc.) and use chat forums, one-to-one messaging and create different channels.

Separate Groups, Channels and Knowledge Center

  • Workspee promotes dynamic online communities for learners wherein teachers can break out small groups for discussion. Instructors can set polling or reminders for a quiz or important tasks. Also, the teachers can monitor all student activities and stay updated via newsfeed. Knowledge center acts as a students-go-to for all the study material and current course status.
For Teacher-Teacher Collaboration

Bring all the teachers community into one platform for better & faster communication

  • Stay focused and organized with central spaces for conversations, files, tools and people. Start a dialogue between teachers and create channels for them to keep the conversation on track. Unlike emails, Workspee is incredibly user-friendly where you can make chat groups, pages for discussion, deliver instant messages and polls for quick feedback.

Collaborate on dedicated Channels and start Live Meetings on a single click

  • If you want to follow up on any topic or project all you have to do is join the dedicated channel for every update. You can share or download a particular document or upload a file for others to check. Join an ongoing discussion in a private channel to give your opinions. If you want to switch from a text conversation to live meetings you can easily do it with a click on “Go Live”.

Motivate yourself with recognition and perks

  • Post a compliment or encouragement for good work and share it in the newsfeed so everyone can react and acknowledge. Teachers can avail perks of multiple brand discounts as an incentive for a reward or even generally to feel motivated.Workspee makes teamwork easier with seamless communication amongst everyone.