We all know that the aviation industry entails an extremely complex ecosystem demanding a relentless routine hence a focus on collaborative working and shared communication has become an emerging importance.

Aviation Industry calls for a more Collaborative culture

The recent International Air Transport Association has revealed that ambiguous communication and lack of centralized collaboration platform are the root cause for confusions amongst airline pilots. The solution to achieving a seamless team with collaborative decision making and information-sharing environment is possible through Workspee. Workspee is a multi-disciplinary tool that brings every team member under the same hood, facilitating an accurate, speedy and advanced communication with well-coordinated actions.According to ACI Annual World Airport Traffic Forecasts (2019–2040), global passenger traffic demand will double by 2037 based on a projected growth rate of 3.8% a year, implying a staggering risk of safe flights if a non-collaborative system continues.

Air Crew Collaboration

Let everyone on-board be a single collaborative team

  • Communicate better among pilots, co-pilots, cabin crew and flight attendants with group chats, 1:1 messaging, go-live and audio and video calling options.
  • Create an effective collaboration channel with the entire air crew and manage daily tasks and routine activities in a well-synced manner.
  • Develop a highly connected air crew community for social networking by using personalized news feed, event scheduling, discussion groups and opinion polls.
  • Create a dedicated channel for pilots, flight deck crew, air traffic controllers (ATC) etc. for meaningful technical conversations. Anyone within the team can share documents, images, links etc.
  • Easily recognize and motivate all the accomplished pilots and aviation staff members.
  • Unwind a challenging day and Indulge in some of the amazing rewards, unlimited perks and incentives for leisure.
  • Reduce ‘Mayday’ and catastrophic flight accidents by staying up-to-date with latest SOP aviation and information trends via Knowledge Center.
Airport & Airline Management Collaboration

Communicate better for a seamless flight experience

  • Real time communications between airport operations, air traffic control and airline partners.
  • Greater connectivity and collaboration through channel conversations, messaging and newsfeed.
  • More responsive operational metrics directly affected by the lack of timely updates and news.
  • Timeliness of airfield and airline updates.
  • A single platform unites all key stakeholders, airport managers, aircraft technicians in real time with the same breadth of information, timeliness, and industry adoption.
  • Safety in flight operations as all the data regarding location information, the expected timeline, and specific flight directives are stored in knowledge center.