Accounting isn’t all about crunching numbers in a cubicle but requires greater collaboration with other departments in the business decision-making and business processes.

Teamwork in Accounting Firm

With the businesses evolving rapidly it has become an increasing demand to hire accountants with a “Collaborative personality” with “soft skills” that ensures a value-added contribution at various levels. Top Accounting firms such as KPMG, EY, PWC and Deloitte encourage the practice of clear communication techniques to streamline work and build team relationships.

Connect With Remote Audit Teams And Accountants

The Way we Work now

  • Remote audit teams and accountants are working across geographically dispersed organizations and clients in multiple time zones and countries. Workspee will provide a centralized communication platform to them for valuable insights and discussions.
  • Make multiple private channels for different client firms and label each with its name for convenience. The audit team for a specific client can share useful links, data and confidential information within the private channel and tag any member of the channel when addressing in a chat to avoid confusions.
  • Freely connect and communicate with clients and partners for any queries, feedback or updates in real-time with minimal hassle.
  • Auditing multinational companies often take about six months at a stretch or more making the external audit teams feel disconnected and work stressed. Workspace allows social interactions and networking between remote auditors and back office colleagues.
Abolish Email And Collaborate Better In One Platform

Safe & Secure Conversations

  • Emails are not secure enough for your team to share sensitive data, hence a collaboration software like Workspee is the ultimate solution.
  • Secure one-to-one or group chat within a private channel builds a healthy knowledge base and team value within accounts & finance team.
  • Create separate threads for discussion and group channels for back office chats, latest updates and even training sessions for junior accountants.
  • Use one solution, Workspee as it integrates numerous apps and tools like Slack, Convo, Messenger, Video calls etc. in a single platform for stronger team coordination.
Adopt An Ever-Progressive Outlook

Collaboration Skills-set

  • Workspee supports smooth communication and flexibility as accountants can reach out the other anytime from anywhere.
  • Calls, video chats, go live, timeline etc. provides speedy response from all levels of the accounting hierarchy from partner-director level to senior manager-associate level.
  • Digital wrap allows company latest updates, news, and alerts to be conducted via video conferencing feature irrespective of physical location. Finance Directors and senior account managers can conduct Video conference meetings and group calls to discuss appraisals and financial performance.
  • Create a culture of freedom where everyone can freely connect, communicate, socialize and recognize. Share celebratory moments or task updates on timeline for instant reactions and comments.
  • Such a forward-thinking environment empowers accountants to reach their potential and stay motivated at work.
High Client Value & Profitability

Efficient Outcomes

  • The more engaged an accounts team the more advanced knowledge exchange and problem-solving skills therein.
  • Stay updated on accounting standards and GAAP via knowledge center. Store updated account SOP’s document in the knowledge center for all newbies and trainees to learn. These value-added features lead to higher client satisfaction.